Commands are essential to EconomyLite. Here is a list of commands and what they do:

User Commands

/balance [<player>] - Shows the balance of your account. Include a player name to get the balance of that player.

Permissions: economylite.balance : economylite.admin.balanceothers

/pay <player> <amount> - Pays another player.


/payv <account> <amount> - Pays a virtual account.


/baltop [<page>] - Shows the balance of the top three players. Include a page number to navigate between pages.

Permission: economylite.baltop

Loan Module Commands

/loan - The base loan command.


/loan balance - Displays your current loan balance.


/loan take <amount> - Takes out a loan for the specified amount.


/loan pay <amount> - Pays the given amount towards your loan balance.


/loan accept - Accepts a loan offer.


/loan deny - Denies a loan offer.


Administrative Commands

/econ set | add | remove <player> <amount> - Adds, sets or removes currency from a player.

Permissions: economylite.admin.econ : economylite.admin.econ.set : economylite.admin.econ.add : economylite.admin.econ.remove

/econ setall <amount> - Sets the balance of every player on the server.

Permissions: economylite.admin.econ.setall (Also requires economylite.admin.econ)

/currency set | delete <currency> - Sets the current currency, deletes a currency, or or displays the currency currently being used by the server.

Permissions: economylite.admin.currency : economylite.admin.currency.set : economylite.admin.currency.delete

/currency create <singular> <plural> <symbol> - Creates a new currency with the given information.

Permission: economylite.admin.currency.create

/vbalance <account> - Gets the balance of a virtual account.

Permission: economylite.admin.virtual.balance

/vecon set | add | remove <account> <amount> - Adds, sets or removes currency from a virtual account.

Permissions: economylite.admin.virtual.set : economylite.admin.virtual.add : economylite.admin.virtual.remove

/vpay <player> <amount> - Pays a player from a virtual account.


/migrate <mode> [<confirm>] - Migrates data to EconomyLite.


  • economylite1 - EconomyLite data from v1.X.X to v2.X.X. Requires the old data files (data.conf and businesses.conf) to be in the config/EconomyLite folder.
  • totaleconomy - TotalEconomy data to EconomyLite.
  • tomysql - EconomyLite H2 data to EconomyLite MySQL data. Requires MySQL to be enabled at the time of migration.

Permission: economylite.admin.migrate